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I have 3 deliveries that still haven't made it. The status is either empty or says delayed.

One of them I paid for overnight, that was a few days ago. They are blaming it on weather but should have already been here. Also its already in Queens where I live. The street are plowed and fine.

Jerks. I am so annoyed because I know they don't care and will do nothing to resolve. There workers are lazy and ***. There commercials are total BS.

I should get refunded all the money I paid to overnight it. Stinks ugg

They monopolize the industry

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Just so you know things can be delayed by weather in places where the package was in transit. We are absolutely NOT all lazy and most of us really do care, very much.

Oh and you might want to use the right THEIR in your sentence. Sorry for your bad experience

to Anonymous Butler, Pennsylvania, United States #771289

Fedex employees love getting on here and trolling on customers. It's pretty sad. My complaint on here received 10 replies calling me names for telling the truth about their company failing. Maybe if they focused on doing their jobs properly they wouldn't have to worry about complaints.

Just deliver on time. Do your job.

Getting on here talking *** to your customers is not helping your companies image.

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