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-Ordered product 12/4

-shipped FedEx 12/4

-Shipped across country arrived locally 12/7

-Attempted delivery to school address at 5:56pm 12/8

-Second attempt to deliver at 4:41pm 12/9 (school office closes at 4:00)

-Third attempt 5:28 12/10 (If the office is closed at 4:41...then it will be closed at 5:28!)

-Today will be the 4th attempt to deliver this package.

The same thing happened about a month ago. This driver is like a dumb puppy that just can't learn! Not only is my package delayed but he keeps taking it off and putting it back on the truck (times are noted on the tracking sheet). He is also wasting gas and helping FedEx develop a reputation they probably don't want.

I wonder why supervisors do not read the reports and correct these situations before FedEx goes the way of DHL.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

I didn't like: Slow shipping.

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Somebody call this guy a waambulance

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