I ordered medications for my dog from Pet Meds over a week ago. They were shipped the day I ordered them, but Fed Ex turned my package over to something called Fed-Ex Smart Post which in reality means that the package is now being delivered by the post office.

I have still not received my dog's medications and of course the post office will give me no nswers and basically told me that the "Package will be delivered when it is delivered." Why does this Fed-Ex Smart Post exist in the first place when it is so *** and certainly not client friendly?

Having a package delivered by the post office is MORE than snail mail. Next time I order medications from Pet Meds I will insist that the package be delivered by Fed Ex and not by the *** people at Smart Post.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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Just an fyi -- it's not the post office that is at fault in the vast majority of the cases, it's FedEx. FedEx requires all packages sent via Smartpost to be sorted at a FedEx processing facility before being turned over to the USPS for delivery.

If you check your FedEx tracking status and do not see a scan showing that the USPS has received it for delivery, it's still at the FedEx processing center. I know this first hand, as I am still waiting on 2 packages ordered on November 27 that haven't even made it to the USPS for delivery yet.

Both are on a FedEx truck somewhere, but FedEx can't say where as their tracking system has not been updated since December 10. There are literally thousands of reported cases of FedEx smartpost package non-delivery documented in various places on the web.

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We're so sorry that you haven't received your order yet. Can you please email me directly at Facebook@petmeds.com with your order number or customer number so we can resolve this for you?

Thank you! ~ Abby, PetMeds Pro

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