I was home all day Friday 12/27/2013 tracking my package and it never came, at 8:13 pm I called customer service and and the guy told me that at 8:12pm the delivery guy tried to deliver the package but no one was at home. (Mind you i was home all day) the delivery guy didn't left a door tag and the yet the status of the package is he deliver and I was I not home.To me this is some straight up bs.I never wanna have to use them again and I would encourage others not to also because of this bad experience. The workers are straight up lairs.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

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Don't you mean Jack Longrod prefers recieving his delivereries in the backdoor? Lol!

to Anonymous Princeton, New Jersey, United States #767339

You seem pretty excited about the prospect of "delivering to my back door".

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #767185

Jack Longrod prefers using the backdoor.

Connellsville, Pennsylvania, United States #766762

Yep. Their drivers are lazy and will make up any excuse not to deliver on time, or if they do deliver, to launch your item over a fence or to place an item in front of a garage door or right at the entrance of your driveway to be run over. Bring it to the front door, you retards.

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