My wife order me a birthday gift from apple store we sat up the whole day listening for the fedex truck to pull up. Next thing we check the progress of the delivery it says delivered.

We go outside checking up and down the porch , even checking the neighbors porch and theres no package . The driver stole my package . The drive way was clear he couldve put it on my steps even . Smh my wife is so upset .

Were back and forth between apple customer service and fedex for days now . My wife actually went to the apple store to pick up the replacement package that the customer service guy said to to pick up and she ended up having to BUY another one after she already payed full price for one that we didnt receive.

the This is not acceptable.I need my package or a refund . BEFORE MY BIRTHDAY.

User's recommendation: Watch out for fedex.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Home Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $300.

FedEx Pros: Fed ex is fine except the drivers in my area.

FedEx Cons: Lying about delivery in emails, Poor delivery service and worse customer service, Current delivery service, Never delivered it proper, Never delivered it at all.

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