I've had at least 3 different occasions now where I've had to get refunds for stolen packages that Fed Ex was supposed to deliver. Additionally, the packages are never delivered on the day that Fed Ex posts.

I don't even check for them anymore on the day that Fed Ex says they will be delivered. Except for the times that packages have been stolen (and therefore never seen), the packages do not show up for a day or two after the date when the packages were "on the truck for delivery." The packages are also nearly always open - the tape is ripped off the package or pushed aside across the box's opening.

It is unfortunate that stores such as Walmart uses them exclusively because I'm sure that they would get more sales if they used a more reputable delivery service. I've tried to contact Fed Ex about their less than poor service, but they do not answer the phones, and do not respond to their online chats.

User's recommendation: Do not ever use Fed Ex.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Courier Delivery Service.

FedEx Cons: Stolen pacages, Laziness of everyone who works in customer service, Lying to assure customers packages will be delivered, That no one cares, Fedex.

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