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Thousands of dolphins and whales are killed each year in Japan due to trying to catch dolphins to sell to marine parks and swim with dolphins resorts. Your company is helping to transport these dolphins and in turn you are helping to support the hunts.

Please stop transporting live whales and dolphins. You should be setting the standard of conservation and you are not. You are also advertising to ship humpback whales on your charter website. This is really pathetic.

I'm appalled that the biggest shipping company in the world has no regard for animals and just profit.

Time to change your model and speak against this. You can help stop the drive hunt slaughterers by not shipping anymore dolphins

Monetary Loss: $1000000.

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Orlando, Florida, United States #831168

"Today, the Shedd Aquarium welcomed home more than 10 tons of marine mammals that were temporarily relocated due to a major restoration project at its Oceanarium. FedEx provided resources and expertise to safely transport the animals from Chicago to Connecticut and back."

Fedex transports dolphins and other animals to help zoos.

They don't just take a dolphin from some guy off the street and ship it. Common sense and reading goes a long way.

Thessaloniki, Makedonia Thraki, Greece #830943

Fedex - Stop transporting live dolphins and whales and take the ad off your website

to susanna #831066
How do you get Fedex to ship a dolphin when their weight limit is only 150 lbs? The last dolphin I had was given to me by a friend and it weighed 290 lbs but the chlorine in my pool killed it.

Noob mistake on my part.

I'd like to get another but the shipping companies are giving me a hard time. I'll call Fedex in the morning to see if they have special procedures/rates.

I agree. My canned tuna has been lacking dolphin which gives it that extra flavor!

to Ricochet-Rabbit Twentynine Palms, California, United States #830740

Please eat it so you can get mercury poison. One less *** on the planet.

to Anonymous Rancho Cucamonga, California, United States #830793

Don't worry, I eat my Flipper flavored tuna in moderation.

I'll discuss this with you later today...Right now I'm heading out the door for a fun filled day at SeaWorld! Can I bring you back a t-shirt?

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