I went in to get copies binded they asked for the type of paper and what not I specifically stated I don't care just give me the cheapest of them. Once i left I noticed they charged me for the wrong size on it all so my amount was doubled.

I called and told them they charged me for the wrong size The clerk (kimberly G) then says we don't even do that size for manuals. My point exactly! So she finally figured out what happened only to rush me off the phone , she constantly said let me call you back let me call you back. The manager ( Mitch M ) then calls me belittles me and tells me what he will refund .

I asked the question of how much is the new total going to be he than states , " Well take what we charged you put a minus sign and remove so so ." I stated You do not need to talk to me like that i understand than he said well I'm sorry we have a bad connection or something ! Still waiting on my refund if i don't get it by monday I will dispute the charges !

Monetary Loss: $170.

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