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This is a fedex store i have frequented for years. As others note, they dont consider print copy services a staple anymore.

This morning a mentally challenged adult was taking a lot of the one staffsperson's time. Both males of color. The staff person with a muslim cap refuse to take a break to pull out the paper selection flipchart. This spiral bound chart is usually on the table or just under the counter.

He insisted i must wait my turn despite the disabled man consuming 15 minutes or more (going back and forth from his project to the counter). Then when i complained the disabled man began berating me. The staff person reluctantly provided me the custom paper flipchart. What is your project about?

He asked. I told him i would not be needing his help, i just wanted to select some custom paper. He took this as an affront and pulled the binder away from me. Okay if you dont want my help you can leave right now.

I said i wanted to select my paper for the copier. He told me to leave or that he would call the police. Notwithstanding he let me use the restroom his attitude was generally as if my business was not welcome. In fact since i was hoping to print out brochures using the self service machine, i sensed that he was intentionally trying to be obstructionist, favoring the disabled guy and his project but belittling mine.

No worry i said there are plenty of other fedex stores. Get out, he said.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Sounds like you were too impatient to wait for a DISABLED person to finish up. Good grief.....and mentioning "muslim" just proves that you are most likely racist and just basically a horrible human being.


Same hubris everywhere because all that matters is shipping. This is why they are hiring grad students with african international studies business experience. Knowing all about the networks can be very lucrative for pharmacy shipments.

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