I ordered a package from Amazon, with 2 day shipping. You would expect that this means 2 days, correct?

Not if you use Fed Ex. I ordered multiple packages from Amazon the same day, ALL but the one shipped by Fed Ex have arrived before or on time, including those coming from NY or farther away. This particular package is coming from TN, which is closer to FL than NY, yet is the ONLY package not here. I am furious.

I googled to try to find the answer to why my package isn't here yet and I find excuse after excuse of why Fed Ex is having delays. Mardi Gras, storms, you name it. There is no excuse. FL is SOUTH of said storms.

USPS which is beyond unreliable delivered just fine during Mardi Gras, UPS with packages coming from NY have arrived without delay. There is NO excuse for this!

If I order a package on Feb 14th, with 2 days shipping, how is it not here on the 19th? The estimated delivery date was the 17th. It LEFT TN that day and hasn't been heard of since.

I'm calling Fed Ex in the morning to TRY to get an answer but I'm SURE I will be met with the same ridiculous excuses that are on google. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY IF YOU ACTUALLY WANT YOUR PACKAGE TO ARRIVE WHEN YOU PAY FOR IT TO!

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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