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If you want your packages dumped on the side of the road instead of at your house so that people can steal them then Fed Ex is the right choice for you. Not just once or twice but 3 times in a row.

Calling them is a waste of time as they will claim no knowledge of anything. I now ask every merchant what shipper they use and if it is FedEx and they for any reason cannot use another company I will cancel the order and find another merchant that can use UPS or USPS (how sad is it that the USPS out performs your company?). The ones that have had to replace the stolen goods have told me that this is becoming more and more common with FedEx. Take my advice and demand another shipper or not as you please, some people enjoy substandard performance I have no time for it.

Even the replacements were done the same way which shows this is standard procedure and FedEx has no interest in performing differently. They cannot deny the photos.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Home Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: I want nothing from FedEx. I want others to know what they are in for. .

I didn't like: Not receiving my package, Packages left on side of road.

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Get real.... No one is going to drive a truck down a narrow road that looks like it's part of the set for Deliverance(no pun intended).

They don't do what's back(or they looked it up on Google) there... Is there a turn around or will they have to back up down a winding glorified foot path.

to Anonymous #1625455

Odd that you present such knowledge of the terrain unless you are either the driver respondible or a Fedex agent. For the record, UPS and the USPS have no problem with it.

It speaks volumes when yoi ate being outperformed and shamed by the US Postal Service.

Maybe you should know a little about the actual facts before you begin to try and pretend knowledge of something and begin speaking thus removing all doubt as the saying goes. Try Banjo lessons, you may find them easier to handle.

to Ncmauk #1626232

You do realize that the drivers have to pay for any damages to thier vehicles right? The pictures you have provided make it look like a tight squeeze.

Is there a place for them to turn around once they get into that tangle of trees? If not how can you whine? If YOU were forced to pay for any damages would YOU put the vehicle AND your paycheck on the line? Your purchase from chewy is there and wrapped in plastic.

Maybe they could have moved it under the trees more. Perhaps you as the property owner should take some responsibility. It’s quite clear you expect delivery trucks to do the needed tree trimming by driving thier vehicles down your road. Maybe clean it up a bit so it doesn’t look so dangerous.

Do some work on the property that you own and the road that is on it to be more inviting. Post a sign that it’s a private cul-de-sac so delivery drivers will feel safe knowing they can turn around instead of having to back said vehicle out. Just showing you that YOU have a part to play in all of this. Responsible property owners would have cleaned that mess up.

It’s not about who is outperforming whom, it’s about Joe Delivery Driver being unsure if they will be able to get out of those trees. They are timed you know. They really can’t waste the time to get caught up having to back down a driveway pretty much blind. If they ran into something on your property it would slowdown or stop any other delivery they had to make.

I’m sorry but face facts, you’re expecting red carpet delivery when all you have paid for is the equivalent of a newspaper delivery. They have done their job and delivered it to your address.

Here’s the part where you lash out being hyper defensive and accusatory. Nope I dont work for fedex, I just use a little more common sense then most.

to Durpa #1626497

Would the "being accusatory" that you decry be items such as personal irresponsibility, unreasonable expectations, extravagant demands without additional compensation beyond what was quoted, and slovenly living habits? Just asking.

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