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I live in Carson City, Nevada. The store where I have made the following observations is on HWY 50, and the same supervisor is oblivious to what is happening in the store, or she just doesn't care and is pacing herself.

During my first visit in line, she was washing the windows in the front door rather than helping with the line of customers.

Finally, she decided to help someone. The second time, I was waiting in line for over 15 minutes watching her walk around with a variety of items, but paying no attention to the line with 8 people in it. There were also two people who were waiting by the area for passport photos; she totally ignored them for 10 minutes; however, when a gentlemen came in and went up to the closed counter, she helped him immediately. He needed a copy of a certificate, along with a few other things.

Then, she finally asked the two people standing there for 10 minutes if they might need some help.

Why did she choose not to ask if anyone in line just had a package to drop off, or if they just needed a receipt? There were two of us in this category. It would have taken her a minute to do both of us. We had to wait for several people who needed lots of help, as they did not know how to wrap, what to wrap it in, find the address they needed on their phone etc., while we could have been gone.

Instead, we waited and waited. One employee used the entire time to help a man who was mailing something to the Philippines and had no idea about anything. While this man was thinking about what he wanted to do, why not ask if anyone has a package to drop off and may only need a receipt, as this is just being proactive and using common sense. One employee, a young oriental man, was doing a great job, but even he never raised the question about a package drop-off.

Yes, I do possess skills that allow me to watch people and ascertain issues that can be easily fixed, but that is not my job when in a Fed Ex store.

This store even had a "help wanted" sign like so many places nowadays.

So, I would suggest that the supervisor be retrained or watched by a mystery shopper or someone up the ladder. In addition, please share with your employees that being proactive is an important criteria to keep the line moving, so there do not have to stand forever and watch all the mistakes employees make while working. I know that you can do this IF you want to improve your company.

As for me, no more ordering from any place that uses Fed Ex! I am done!

for over 15 minutes

User's recommendation: Plan on a long wait and watching a supervisor who does very little.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Mail Service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

FedEx Cons: Managers attitude and lack of sensitivity, Supervisor needs retraining.

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