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A recent delivery by FedEX went unnoticed by me because the delivery driver thought it wold be special to not knock, ring the bell or otherwise put him/herself out by walking as far as the door. My package was simply dropped off in the driveway of my home, in front of my old Chevy.

anyone going by that was so inclined could have simply picked it up and walked away with it and I would never have known it even arrived!

I have registered a complaint with them and now, of course, I had to order yet another part which will, of course, be shipped via fedEX.

The question is:

now I have complained, will this package go 'missing'? or will it arrive with a suitably chastised delivery person, or will this person bare a grudge.

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I am highly Pissed because FedEx has been leaving my packages in the middle of my driveway instead of on my porch I live in the country an anyone can pull up an just take it, I think they are just to damn lazy to walk up to people's door!!!!!!!

Burien, Washington, United States #61688

I experienced the same problem. They left a package on the front step and I didn't notice it until the next day when I opened the front door to water my plants.

I know for a fact that they didn't knock or ring the door bell because I was home on sick leave.

This is not the first time that this has happened. They're lucky that someone hasn't picked one of them up yet.

I have the EXACT same thing happen to me with FedEx!! They NEVER knock, just drop & run. Our experiences with them sending things to our elderly mother is really bad, she's hard of hearing so when they leave something we've sent her it can sit out in her garage for DAYS before she finds it, then I have to argue with FedEx to replace the item we originally sent as it's been completely destroyed

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