Had $3,000 worth of camera lenswes delivered overnightr via "FedEx Home Delivery" and m issed the driver. Called Fedex to have held at facility for pickup.

I was told bu Susan at FedEx the drivers don't coma back to the facility at night and they wouldn't be able to have it held but could pick up at a location pickup site. Don't return to the facility ???

Does it make any one else nervoudl that they don't secure the trucks at teh facility at night? Really makes you think about how safe your stuff is...It surely does me!

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Pick Up Service.

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Parlin, New Jersey, United States #1193053

I am tired of a fed-ex truck being parked in my residential street, while the driver parks his personal vehicle outside my house...my family have to go up and down the street to find a place to park when they try to visit me...

Tampa, Florida, United States #995083

What about the safety of parking a truck in a street all weekend? Our street is very narrow and in order for 2 cars to go in the opposite direction with a Fed Ex truck parked in the street is impossible!

There's a lot of children in our neighborhood and if one crosses the street behind the truck, their is no view of the other car that may be coming around the truck. I certainly will not ship anything via Fed Ex if my shipment is sitting in a street unprotected all weekend. We live in Florida and the heat inside an enclosed vehicle can get way above 100 degrees! It looks pretty suspicious too to see a Fed Ex truck parked in the street for so long!

Not sure if it's stolen or what! I sure wouldn't want the liability of replacing contents that belong to so many.


so tired of the guy across the street bringing his fed ex truck home and parking in front of my house. Then in the morning he starts it and turns around in my driveway with his headlights into my bedroom window.

Bunch of jerks.

Don't be a lazy *** and take your truck back to the station. We have sleeping families too Fed x is a bunch of ***


Actually smedrik, home delivery drivers DO frequently take their trucks home at night, rather than back to the station.


If you knew anything about FedEx home delivery then you would know that the drivers own their trucks. They do not return to the facility because home delivery generally doesn't pick up packages.

Why would the driver waste sometimes three or more hours of his day to drop the truck off just to cone in and load it himself in the morning. Drivers have families too.


The trucks don't go home, however often they will go to a central sorting location. These logistical hubs are not set up to manage customer pick up.

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