Ref#858518718920-ABRAHAM DELA CRUZ,mobile#-+639158455409,sender Myrna

Fowler. Fedex called me & said the package is tampered,mobile is missing

& only charger is inside.My brother is supposed to receive it almost a

month from now & yet until now none. Fedex office Phils said they will

have to investigate about this & i said if i didnt call,there wont be any investigation done.It was really disgusting!We really depend

on your fast reliable services that's why we patronize Fedex but it

turned out to be a big mess,time,effort & money have been wasted w/

that w/c is supposed to be my btother is using now & be bringing in his

travel to Vietnam w/in this week.I need your fast/immediate action

regarding this matter ASAP or your good company will be jeopardized.The mobile my sister sent is an expensive Motorola mobile unit.I hope to hear from you ASAP...I hope my time effort & money conssumed follow-up regarding this matter will be returned.Thank you..-Melvina dela Cruz-+639158455409

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