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To whom it may concern,

My name is Karin Hualthanom, the owner and the managing director of The Spa Factory Thailand, the leading manufacturer for cold process soap from Thailand. I have a very serious and critical complaint to report to you for the problem that I and my customer have just got such a bad experienced.

I have sent the sample products of natural soap to customer in Mexico by FedEx with the 25 kg promotion box, and we’ve paid for the extra weight. This shipment total weight is around 32 kg. The Air Waybill number is 8070 9162 3502. The shipment was picked up on the 31st July 2015. The recipient address is Chiapaz, Mexico, Postal code 29027.

Attachment: I have attached the scanned AWB for reference.

The history tracking of this shipment is as below.

31/07/2015 - Friday, 21:07 p.m. Left FedEx origin facility, from Bangkok TH

01/08/2015 – Saturday, 21:12 In transit TA YUAN HSIANG TW

02/08/2015 - Sunday, 19:16 At destination sort facility TOLUCA MX

03/08/2015 – Monday, 16:14 Clearance delay - Import TOLUCA MX

08:53 In transit TOLUCA MX

Package available for clearance

This shipment is very important to us to start establish the business together between me, the shipper as the manufacturer, and the receiver as my partner, so I keep tracking the shipment everyday and keep updating the information with my partner via WhatsApp.

We were very happy to see the status of the shipment has already arrived Mexico on the 3rd Aug 2015. We hoped the shipment will be delivered to my partner very soon.

What the world! The very much unexpected problem starts to happen.

Tuesday, the 4th Aug 2015:

My partner told me that, she has the troubles to get the package because of she needed to register as an entrepreneur.

I then called to FedEx Thailand asking for details of the shipment status, the FedEx Thailand agent told me that, “FedEx Mexico has contacted my partner already. The reason why the shipment stuck at the customs is the shipment has been declared as Free Sample, and the customs think that it is too many for Free Sample for personal.

I was worried that whether my partner will have problem with customs or not. So I told my partner that if the customs ask, she can explain to the customs about it is a sample because even though there are many pieces of soap, but it is only a few pieces for EACH TYPE of soap.

There are many varieties of soaps, and only a few each, that is a reason why it has many.

She’s just starting to try the market and will see how it goes in Mexico, and I am as the factory in Thailand agree to let her try the market. We hoped the customs may listen to our reason nicely.

I also ask my partner to ask customs, whether they want any document from me, I am going to prepare all those documents requested for them.

My partner sent me the voice message explaining the situation, she was trying to contact the customs agent, and sound like the agent gave her hope that there may be a chance to get the package, but have to wait for tomorrow.

On the other hands, her experience with FedEx Mexico is not very helpful at all. The only answer from FedEx Mexico is “It’s not possible to do anything, the only way to do is sending the package back to Thailand, and it’s cost around 1,000 USD. It’s so crazy. And if we can’t solve the problem by Friday, they are going to charge her around 50 USD a day. It’s really crazy thing happen.

Wednesday, the 5th Aug 2015:

I called FedEx Thailand, telling the story about the problem, nicely asked the agent to please do the very best to help in this case, no matter what. We do not want to send the package back at all. I asked about the option,

1. what if my partner is not the importer, can FedEx help to clear the package on behalf of customer?

2. If not, can FedEx suggest any local importer to contact my partner?

In the same day, my partner sent me an email update the information that. She contacted FedEx Mexico, and again, it’s not very helpful, only repeated her all the time that she needs to be the importer.

Thursday, the 6th Aug 2015:

I called FedEx Thailand again, but the agent said still waiting for the response from FedEx Mexico.

My partner wanted me to check the cost to send the package back, because she was so worry about the storage fee. On my side, I was still waiting for the updates from FedEx Thailand. It’s now already 3 days passed without any solution from FedEx.

I keep calling FedEx many times, but got the same answer, no response from FedEx Mexico.

I just can’t believe how do you, the FedEx communicate to each other across your organization.

I told the agent that, we can’t just wait for longer without any progress, it’s just like you are wasting our time, and then the storage charge will start to count. At the same time, on the FedEx Mexico side, seem like their main job is only encouraging customer to ship back the package and FedEx get customer money once again. That what we have in our mind from the way you, FedEx treats customer like this when having the problem.

I told the Thai agent that, if I know it will be like this, I wouldn’t ship with FedEx for sure. It’s really a bad experience ever had.

Friday, the 7th Aug 2015:

I called FedEx Thailand, it’s really bad news that still nothing heard any response from Mexico. I was totally can’t believe this is such an international organization working performance. And there is one ridiculous issue that FedEx Thai agent told me that FedEx Mexico can’t contact my partner. I asked back, how come it happen? Don’t tell me that FedEx Mexico can’t contact my partner who lives in Mexico, but why I can communicate with her everyday and we updates information from each other daily. That was really a very bad excuse. You, FedEx (I don’t know Thai or Mexico or both) may think that whatever information you give to customer, customer maybe foolish and *** enough to believe what you said. Luckily we have communicated to each other every day, so we don’t fell your trap.

Back to the issue I asked the Thai agent earlier about can FedEx help to clear the package for customer or not. The answer is FedEx do not clear the package for customer. It’s really a surprise answer to hear that.

So, if FedEx not clear the package, who will clear? And what is the service FedEx offer to make it worth the money you charge customer? It’s really the answer to get out of the responsibility to customer when the problem arises.

Saturday, the 8th Aug 2015:

I called FedEx Thailand, the agent pick up the phone told me that the agent who take care of my problem has gone back home, and asked me to contact again on Monday. I said no way, I can’t wait till Monday. I’m getting mad about your FedEx the *** service and your *** staff who never know how to solve problem for customer. Or maybe it’s your trick to delay all the process and making more money from the storage fee and the shipping back fee.

Along the days, days gone, weeks gone, there are huge information exchanging between me, my partner and the FedEx, but nothing happen positively.

Wednesday, the 19th Aug 2015:

Finally my partner can manage to get another company come to help to clear that shipment out from customs.

The serious question is, why FedEx can’t manage to clear and get the shipment for customer, on the other hand, why that company can clear the package for us. Funny, right? No, it’s not funny but it’s the most *** case ever.

Another important issue I want to report is, when my partner get the soaps, there are some soap missing from the box. So, we are not sure who’s the *** stolen our soaps. FedEx Mexico agent or the customs agent. We can’t believe this such a thing will happen to our shipment.

Below is the details of original message from my partner summary about your worst service.

Hello my dear, I hope everything is going good with you.

I still having a lot of work but is the things I love to do, so I'm tired but happy.

Well, about our complain.

1.- I think is really important that in all our complain will be directed to owners of the FedEx franchise, because at this time I believe is not employees fault, the real problem is the lack of capacitation and preparation for the work, so I would like that we will do our complain all the time having this is in mind.

The first thing that annoyed me is about why they in Thailand FedEx office, they dont said you that maybe we will have problems with customs, I asked here and they said they can give an advice just in case the client ask, that for me is really dumb because in Japan or Germany, the people working in this shipping offices inmediately said you what about the items you are sending, so, why you need to ask for advice if it would be their work to offer all clients, more when is a considerable ammount.

Don't you think?

2.- About the missing soaps, we need to say this and we dont know if was FedEx or mexican customs but is important.

Finally I received:

47 soaps 100 grs.

16 soaps 120 grs.

60 soaps with box 70 grs.

180 soaps 70 grs.

So, are around 20 soaps missing acording the list you send me.

Now, one more thing that I want that you know, if we want to make butterfly effect my idea is this:

First: You make your complain in Thailand FedEx web site / I´ll do make my complain in FedEx México site.

Second: I make my complain in Thailand FedEx web site / You make your complain in FedEx México site.

Now, I was doing research and even we can make our complain in a consumer especialized site, this is a site where you as a client can say if some company don't work properly, they even have a special section to foreigner people having troubles with mexican stores or companies.

What do you think?

We want to hear something from any of you who have enough brave to answer us the question. We will keep writing, posting the complain to everywhere possible to let the world know if you do not try to response our voice of the problem we had. We promise.


Karin Hualthanom.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Pick Up Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $50.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Very unhelpful to client.

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So far, the issue still not resolved.

I never heard from FedEx, either from Mexico or Thailand.

I believe they never care customer voice.

They only care to have customer and have money paid for them.

This will be my last time using FedEx service.

I will share this bad experience to anyone I know, and to my customers.

to Anonymous Huai Khwang, Krung Thep, Thailand #1320745

never again fedex. there are many forwarders cheaper and trustworthy.

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