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My package had arrived from the states

to singapore from 03/11/2014 till it was supposed to be delivered

today 05/11/2014. I have been tracking the package online and

was informed it would arrive by 6PM and that it was already on the delivery truck. I took off from work to wait for the package. 6PM came and went I called up the customer hotline after 7pm and was told that I requested a night delivery

of between 7PM to 10PM (Which I didn't). Around 9PM I checked the online tracking and found out my item was returned back to the Fedex facility.

I called the hotline to inquire what was going on only to be told that the driver said he came to my place at 7PM and left a note. I was outside standing near my gate at 7PM with the front gate wide open I might add!

THERE WAS NOT EVEN A NOTE. THERE WASN'T EVEN A PHONECALL. And the icing on this *** cake...I checked my home surveillance camera which was pointed directly at the front of my home.

NO FEDEX TRUCK NOR DELIVERY PERSON INSIGHT! If the delivery guy is going to straight up lie. He better make sure the homeowner doesn't have a cam. So is FedEx's policy now such that deliveries are made when they feel like it??

I sincerely hope this guy loses his job. The customer hotline staff even had my mobile number and address so there was no reason not to call if he was held up.

No effort was made to even send my package now at my stipulated timing. All I got was, "Sorry sir your package is under 'Economy' ". So furious right now. I wasted my whole day only to be lied to like this??!?

EXTREMELY disappointed...

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