Winchester, Massachusetts

Terrible service. My package original delievery date was 10/08 then extended to 10/13.

The package set in Northboro ma since 10/08 and now will be delievered by US Postal even thou FED EX comes up my road almost on a daily basis.

I will ship UPS or the Postal service thank you for helping my with future shipping desisions I also have sumitted compliants to FEX EX they do not seem to care to address their fleecing the consumer for a service and sub contracting it out to the post office. Which will take additional days to arrive

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My messed up "non-delivery" by FedEx sounds as bad as everyone else's!!

Quick and to the point: I ordered Ammunition online from California. Specifically asked for it to be delivered at the local FedEx Office Location, as to be a responsible customer and sign-for, plus pick it up. It was supposed to arrive 8/10/2011 and the Manager of the FedEx Office "Refused" the parcel because it had "ORD" on the box (Munitions). He REFUSED it, from a legit FedEx truck with company logo on it!

Why are these people even in business? They suck!! Anyways, two more days gone by, no delivery to my home--no door sticker--nothing. Ridiculous!!

I called Customer Service and read them the riot act, asking them to logically explain HOW all of this is serving ME the CUSTOMER...Hello!!! The answers were canned and robotic (obviously, because they get yelled at alot). I will see if I get a door tag today and I instructed them to just leave it at the Depot 25 miles away, if the driver cannot seem to do his job and deliver it. I will go there and pick it up myself and I will NEVER use these losers again.

This is what is wrong with America in general----Nobody gives a *** anymore! :(

sorry to tell ya this...but all shipping contracts out to other services when needed. and the fedex you seen, may not be the same as what was sent. like if you see a ground truck (green in the logo), its not the same as express (orange logo).

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