FedEx only delivers between 9-5! They can't even tell me a day that they may happen to drop my package off on, am i suppose to take the week off so i can be home for them to drop a package off when they please during the hours of 9-5!!??

WTF kind of company can continue only working those hours, welcome to 2012 FedEx. I was told that i could drive 1 1/2 hours away to pick up my package if "i am not able to take the week off to wait". When i told the "customer contact person" my issues with not being able to pick up the package, she started yelling at me.


Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Almost every company in the free world works 9-5. You can pay a premium for weekend or or after hours deliver, or you have have the parcel redirected for free.

Fed Ex is actually one of the more accommodating companies when it comes to changing the terms of their deliver.

You can either opt for them to redirect it to your place of business or a friend or relatives home. This is almost always free of charge.


I totally disagree with you, I live in Las Vegas,NV and it is not 9-5 deliveries here. I have been in my shop two different Saturday night around 9 PM and FedEx pulls up and delivers auto parts that I had ordered. Also did you know FedEx, UPS offers Package Tracking and this allows you to know when your item was shipped, and allows updates from City to City, and also tells you the date your item will arrive at your location, And again I disagree to your comment, check it out with FedEx, UPS as you seem not to know about the Tracking Service.......

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