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Ordered some custom synthesizers/midi controllers from a relatively small startup with potential, but they made a huge mistake by leveraging fulfillment partners who seem to prefer utilizing FedEx smartpost for their shipping.

In the middle of a new product launch that was funded and backed through Kickstarter, their Brand is getting destroyed, because the packages seem to disappear, never to be seen again, once they enter the FedEx network. I had no idea how they were handling the deliveries until we Received tracking info, so we didnt have any say until after the fact.

I can almost copy and paste all of these nightmare stories, because it is exactly what is happening to thousands of us!!!!!

Yes! Thousands!!! It goes mostly something like this:

1. Tracking info sent stating a shipping label was received and you will be getting your package in as 3-5 business days.


1 month later with no response or further tracking info, courier claims they never received the package that the label was printed for to deliver. Shipper has proof of the receipt of the bulk shipments by the courier, so a package trace and investigation needs to be initiated to recover loss and shipper now has to send new packages out, eating the cost, but utilizing a different fulfillment partner. Unfortunately, they also use FedEx smartpost.

3. And the fiasco begins again.

This time though, the carrier definitely sends out new tracking and it is updated once it physically receives the Sparks Nevada, and then FedEx sits on it for the next 5 days.

4. Only after calling, because we see no updates or movement for 5 days, does it move to Reno and it sits for another 2 days!!!!

5. Calling again and watch it get updated that its in transit, up the I-5 corridor, 3 days to get from Reno, to Bloomington, CA to Westley, CA to Maxwell, Ca.... Ah !!!

Awesome! Its getting closer and maybe they will make the estimated delivery of 10/1/2020, then it gets to Portland, where I am located and sits for 2 days, Im waiting for it to be delivered but then....

6. On the afternoon of 10/1/2020, I get a notification that the delivery date has been updated to 10/5/2020 and that the package is now at the Kent, WA FedEx smartpost facility awaiting transfer

WTF???? That is some of the worst logistics I have ever seen!

And now, Im reading all of these nightmares, Im wondering if I will ever see my investments and if this company will ever recover from the damaged reputation of not delivering a newly backed product, to the tune of thousands of screaming backers!!!!

I will ensure that our business and anyone That We do business with never utilizes FedEx.ever.

I will refuse and deny contracts...any contracts, and there are several hundreds of thousands of dollars of equipment, that come across my desk. If their contracts do not specifically state that they will not utilize FedEx or FedEx smartpost, they will be forced to add it in, or lose our money.

We will either utilize UPS or the USPS, as we have never had a problem with either of them!

User's recommendation: Don’t waste your precious time and money and prevent any anxiety.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

Location: Puyallup, Washington

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