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FedEX is the worst. I have a title and bill of sale for a vehicle i just purchased, shipped via 2 day with FedEx.

FedEx goes to the body shop that has my car and the idiot secretary tells them they don't know me. Instead of FedEx returning the package to Copart, they up and find a new "updated" address to carry my parcel to. They deliver to some random address and then refuse to give me the address even though its supposed to be my address. I call Copart, get the tracking number and find all of this out on Friday, the parcel was shipped that Tuesday, and it was delivered on that Thursday, so i immediately call FedEx thinking i would get some sort of help and they would reach out to the driver....

wrong! They tell me the driver has 24-48 hours to figure it out and they are closed on Saturday and Sunday. I call again this Monday for an update and am told they are working with the station and that the station will call me by 5pm. Well...

no call so i call again on Tuesday and Wednesday and again today, granted i never got the call back they keep saying i will get. Since this is the title to my vehicle, and its 6 years old or newer, it can not be repaired until it is inspected by the NCDMV... I call Copart and they tell me its $30 more for a duplicate title and a 4-6 week wait for it to be processed. So, what i have here is a car at a body shop that can't be repaired until it is inspected, an inspection can't take place without an original title, and loss of use of my new vehicle until we get the title and have all that inspection stuff taken care of.

FedEx is treating this as if it is some lost love letter or a piece of junk mail.... They claim to call you back but never do, then the ladies get an attitude when dealing with them because you request there full name. Well, yes i want your full name, i may have to get a dang lawyer to help get my original parcel back or at least sue for loss of use and breach of contract!!! FedEx refuses to give me the updated address by claiming its a violation of privacy.

If it is supposed to be my address, then why wont the give it to me.

All i get from the trace department is file a claim, I do not recommend FedEx to anyone, not even my worst enemy. Never again, from now on UPS all the way!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Two Day Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $15000.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

I didn't like: Entire process.

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