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I was supposed to have a package mailed to me in 2 days, however, the address I submitted was unavailable so I called customer service to have it changed. The rep talked to me from start to end in the most annoyed pissed off ghetto voice, must've been a bad day for her I thought, its still no excuse concerning professionalism.

Well anyways I submitted a new address which we repeated and confirmed. When the day came for delivery, I found out it was delivered to the wrong building number. Wow I thought, honest mistake on the customer services part maybe. but what ticked me off was that the building number didn't even exist as confirmed by a facilities manager.

The courier had delivered the package to a nonexistent building to a person other than me the recipient. The receiver was suppose to sign for it... isn't the courier suppose to confirm identity or something? ***....

so now I do a quick drive around trying to find a ghost, it wouldn't surprise me if the courier ran off with it saying "its not my fault". Now I've been trying to track the package for a week.

Terrible half *** workers with no judgement or common sense. never again never again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

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