I'm pissed it is now Xmas morning. My package has been on the delivery truck by 8 am the past 2 days yet the fed ex driver did not have the time to deliver the package.

When I called fed ex both days the first response is that they tried to deliver but there was no response. I said no that is not true. Then they said oh yes because of high volume the driver simply did not get to me. They gave up and went home I suppose.

Now it is Christmas morning and that special gift is not here for my loved one. They now say that it will come tmrw the 26th. Of course fed ex offices are closed today.

This is completely unacceptable. Why would they take an order they are not equipped to fulfill?

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Butler, Pennsylvania, United States #766161

Fedex is only good at delivering excuses. If the package is in a drivers truck, the driver should *** deliver it. Drive to the address, ring the doorbell or knock on the door and leave the package.


FedEx offices were open on Christmas liar.


Somebody call this guy a waaambulance.

to Anonymous Butler, Pennsylvania, United States #766163

I think you need one. Same post on every complaint. You must be a sore *** fedex employee.

Downers Grove, Illinois, United States #763976

I've noticed that more and more*ll of the delivery drivers use the same lame excuse 'that nobody is home' and leave! Meanwhile you are home and they never knocked on the door.

They're taking short cuts at the public's expense. And the companies themselves lack the balls to crack down on this abuse.


The driver did not give up and go home. The driver was probably out until night time delivering Christmas gifts and just didn't get to yours.

It's not his fault his station gave him way too much to deliver. He was probably busting his *** all day.

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