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I just got off the phone customer service and the website.you people would rather send 43lbs back to Illinois rather than wave $5.00 fee for something that was your fault to begin with.We stayed home the first time when it came damaged.All I asked was for a narrowed delivery time window, evening home delivery or delay until Saturday without giving you access to all my media information.

The lady said she could not do it . I would have to register and surrender my privacy. to do that. after a little back and forth she said sorry we are going to miss you.

have a nice day. So FedEx had rather ship this 43 lbs back from South Georgia than work with me on this.

well from now on I will not order from companies where I have to use FedEx!And have a Nice Day!!!

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This company also is involved In a phenomenon called

Gang Stalking or Organized Harassment, its psychological

harassment with their vehicles going out of their way to

harass, annoy, intimidate a TI (victim) by following you,

passing in front of you with pin point accuracy/precision

only when one (the target as they call it) is around, and really its not that hard to know how they do it ( hint: private surveillance/intelligence contractors) whether one is out in the streets, driving.In my case they go as far as to harass/employ their useless tactics in other countries (Mexico).

Its no coincidence this happens Iam 100% sure of this.

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