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I have packages coming from amazon all the time and I never know how they will be delivered. But, today We had a fedex driver just throw 2 boxes over our fence. We live in an apartment and everyone has to put a chain and lock on there fence but sometimes it still does not stop the children from climbing over the fence to retrieve a ball. We had a UPS driver deliver a package two days before and he just called out and we heard him. We will take the chain off during the day. My husband said he just drove up and then tossed the boxes over.

I don't know if they put fragile on all packages that are fragile but the packages were a baby gift for a new born. The box is now all bent up and and dirty.

That is mostly the complaint he did not know what was in the brown box. If the driver does not care any more than that about his customer's articles then what does that say for the company. Your employees represent face of your company.

I for one will tell amazon not to send any more of my packages to me by Fedex only UPS and parcel post mail !

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