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The FedEx Express driver refused to give me my package and said I need to have an adult signature, I knew I did not so I asked for his name and his manager's number. I spoke to his manager and the driver was mistaken no signature was required for delivery.

He acted like I was crazy and then he spoke to his manager and argued for ten minutes that he was right and then looked down at the package and saw his mistake. He did not even apologize, he just gave me the package and ran back to his truck and drove off.

FedEx has bad customer service I do not recommend them and I plan to use UPS from now on.

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Hey there Badfedex, ignore nickalseyn's nasty remarks. That individual makes snide comments on every legitimate complaint here about FedEx: a million bucks says this person works for them.


I paid $16 bucks for overnight shipping and was treated horribly after they delivered my package late. I am sixteen year old with a high paying job, not a crackhead with a tattoo and I don't pick my nose. I also know what good customer service is.


the guy made a mistake. so?

Perhaps he was staring at the bone in your nose or the full-body tattoo and got confused. FedEx is still the best of the shippers.

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