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I bought an upholstered chair and it was to be delivered to our new apt. by Fedex(not our choice, this was who the company selected).

When the chair was delivered no one was home. Fed ex left our chair at the apt. front door. We did not know if delivery would be that day, but enough time had passed that we knew it should be coming soon.

We were gone for a few days and checked with the apt. office as soon as we got back. They had not gotten a delivery for us while we were gone. That night my husband checked the tracking number to see where our package was.

It had been delivered and had been left at our apt. front door while we were gone. There was no package to be found. The chair walked away because Fedex didn't bring it to the apt.

office when no one answered our door.

They could have brought it back to their distribution center and we could have picked it up from there. I am very upset with Fedex for their lack of concern with handling our package.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $262.

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Yeah, that sucks, but generally it's the merchant, not FedEx, that specifies whether or not a package can be left without a signature. To me it seems a bit irresponsible to not check the tracking and be aware of when an item is scheduled for delivery.

When I have an important item coming and I know I won't be home, I leave delivery instructions for the carrier. I just wish people took more responsibility for their own mistakes.

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