Twice now I have had a delivery from Fed Ex, one just last week. @ times the driver walks up to my gate and rather than open the gate they drop it on the other side of the gate, In this day and age with the porch thief you would think they would drop it on the porch but no not this driver!

All they have to do is open the gate and walk off with the package! Why is Fed Ex allowing this to happen.

I have to constantly watch for a Fed Ex driver and make sure I run out to get my package before it grows legs and walks off! Shame on this lazy driver, I know it takes a couple of minutes to open the gate and drop it on the porch but come on how lay is this driver, Not to mention that you might as well just hand over the package to a total stranger and save them the trouble of opening the gate to steal it!!

User's recommendation: Either watch very carefully for your package or stop at the store and pick it up by yourself!

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