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Shipped some important documents to Canada, wrote the airway bill myself at a fedex office and showed it to the fedex rep there to see if its ok. He said its ok, and so I shipped.

It was supposed to reach there in two days and when I checked the tracking after one week, found that its still not delivered. I called fedex and they told me the airway bill was not clear (which I confirmed with the fedex rep before shipping, and the same one which he said is and they were not able to deliver it. I asked it to be shipped back, since the deadline for that document to reach there was past, and had another set of nightmares to get it back. I had to call them 5 different times to tell them my address on the package (do you employ morons at your office?).

each time, they tell they got my address, and 2 days later when I call them enquiring about not receiving my package, they ask my address again. After 16 days, they delivered the package to my home with a different name other than mine on the package (god knows where they got that name from), and my roomies was here when the fedex guy came. he said such a person dont live here and returned the package (can't blame him, the name on the package was something totally weird). I called fedex again the next day (prolly my 10th call to fedex) and said i will go myself to fedex office and pick it up and did so.

All in all, I wasted 80 dollars (the amount they charged to give my package back) and 17 days, and most important - my opportunity to submit an application, coz I used fedex. The very next day, I used USPS to ship the same documents and they delivered it the very next day for just 55 dollars....i repeat again and again, and is not scared to shout it aloud in any crows FEDEX SUCKS

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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Funny thing about the Fedex thing and USPS. Some time critical Express Mail shipments(USPS) can piggy back on Fedex planes.

They have a strange arrangement and the postal employees usually don't really know how things get from point A to point B but have spoken to the local hub drivers for Fedex and they have seen some of those shipments while loading/unloading. Don't know if they still do this but was true about 5-6 yrs ago.

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