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On Saturday, June 15, 2018 I dropped off my package at a FEDEX location, 669 THIRD AVENUE, MT VERNON, NY. I was returning a replacement cell phone.

I infomed the representative that it was a phone, he sealed the package, scanned and attached the return label. He took the receipt from the register, crumpled it up and threw it into a trash basket. I stood and silently waited for a receipt. The representative said nothing also.

Then he suddenly went over to the trash basket, retrieved my receipt and pretended as though it was an absent minded mistake. I called Fedex as soon as I got home and was connected to the Fedex location where I dropped off my package. I was told that my package would ship out on Monday since no ground packages went out over the weekend and that a tracking number would be assigned on Monday as well. On Monday morning I learned that my package still did not have a tracking number.

I drove back to the fedex location and spoke with the supervisor there who located my package. He took my contact information. He called me when a tracking number was assigned that afternoon and on Tuesday he called again informing me that my package had been delivered. All was well, so I thought.

However, on Wednesday I received a phone call from the recieving party of my package that THERE WAS NO PHONE INSIDE MY PACKAGE! I was practically hysterical and totally confused as to how a sealed package could not contain the items put inside until I googled FEDEX THEFTS and learned of how Fedex employees steal phones from customer packages and then reseal them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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