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My zipcode was entered incorrectly on Ebay and my order has been sent to an invalid zipcode (I still don't understand how it was "confirmed" by Ebay), but now my laptop is being delivered to an invalid address, and I have to wait for it to go there, be refused, sent back to the vendor - researched and sent out again - all because no one can fix this for me. Dell Financial Services can't update the record after it has been shipped - and FedX can't do it unless it is requested by the shipper - all to protect me - the consumer...How is it safer for my laptop to be shipped to the wrong address and routed around the country before being sent to me?

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Your gripe here should be with the sender, they are the ones who refuse to reroute the package, which they are perfectly capable of doing. Fedex just delivers it where they're told.

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