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What a travesty. These people can't disconnect themselves from their corporate policies to fix their own mistakes.

Instead of going the extra mile to make good for a situation caused by their own lax drivers, they prefer to have their, would be, cash generating customers bash their corporate image out here in cyberland. Here goes, A package requiring a signature of an adult at my home is to be delivered. They try the first day, no success, doortag left. I can't leave a signature in the doortag for the next day because the other party demands an in person sign off.

Not Fedex' fault here. Second and third day, I'm home all day. No doorbell, no knock, but there is a hangtag. Really?

Hardly a good effort from a likely overpaid driver. I call them after the 3rd day because the doortag says final attempt has been made and no further attempts will be made. They tell me there is nothing they can do. It is their "policy" to make only 3 attempts.

I get it, this has to stop somewhere. They tell me that the final attempt was made at 1:30pm the 3rd. I tell them no way, I was home and there was no knock and no doorbell at that time. What are they training these drivers to do, sneak up at peoples door?

I live in a very safe and open neighborhood with wide open front yards and no dogs. I guy that delivers packages doesn't need to be sneaking around. So, they tell me they will make another attempt and we set it up for the following Monday before 4:30pm. They even send me a confirmation text confirming the delivery.

I stay home all day to make sure I am there to accept the package. NO SHOW. Follow the tracking number given in the text and it confirms that they didn't even try. Call them the next day to discuss.

The package is sitting in the warehouse. I remind them they are the ones failing to perform as agreed. They send to escalation at corporate. They cave to whoever is in their Sacramento distribution Center.

The package is sitting there labeled "return to shipper". I can come and pick it up before 7pm. 60+ minute drive each way with no traffic. I get it, what a bunch of morons the shipper is to select this loser of a company to deliver their packages.

OR, may this company needs to get someone from corporate down to the Sacramento location, clean house, and get some people in there who appreciate having job.

Instead of making good on their own "failure to perform" they will ship the package back to the sender, I will deny the charge on my credit card, Fedex, will waste additional money and environmental resources to send back the package. Textbook INCOMPETENCE, Fedex Sacramento, you bunch of losers

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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