Census Bureau has been harassing me to fill out a "voluntary" questionnaire to which I do not wish to participate. It's so voluntary that they call over and over, send letters, call our unlisted numbers, and then have FEDEX show up with an overnight envelope.

As I stood in my doorway, the FEDEX guy stands about five feet away holding up the envelope with his scanner in between it and me and asks, "Are you ready?" For what, I wonder. "click" He took a picture of me in my house on private property.

So FEDEX is a government agent? Beware people!

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Chicago, Illinois, United States #873735

Yes, and major league baseball has a satellite tracking our movements. I put layer of tin foil on the outside AND the inside of my hat to combat this.


Your tinfoil hat must be too tight. The scanners do have a camera, but they are not activated.

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