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Live in a senior complex in Cheektowaga, NY told the men they cannot leave package on the front bench guy told me he has lots of boxes to to deliver I told him to pull the truck in the back and come in the door and ring each person's door bell so they know a package is there ,He told me that is not is *** job I told him not to speak to me that way, and it is his job , people have to know their boxes are here >;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; he said I don't have time man swore again . By t he looks of this things this guy should not be driving or working with people he did not wear a mask and the language that was used was terrible He should not be even working for the company .

Next time I will be taking his picture , how are they to deliver ?

please explain !!!! please ring bells for each apartment with packages

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Vehicle Driver.

Preferred solution: I want to know how does the company say a package is delivered just by scanning it , many of our boxes are being stolen or really not delivered they just don't ring the apartment numbers for the customers any more to come down . Many of us get medication .

FedEx Cons: Ring bell, Bad attitudes, Tell them one thing do another, Foul lanange.

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Box never arrived Got email saying it was delivered! Driver lied?