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I ordered an item online to be delivered via fedex on december 9th. The package was not to my house by Christmas which is fine I know they are smashed around that time of year.

The problem comes from the reason in which they could not deliver the package. On December 24 I received 5 automated email messages from Fedex saying nothing more than "delivery exception". No info on how to correct the problem or what the problem was. The kicker was that an actual Fedex agent sent me an email that simply said "did you receive the emails about the exceptions".

Literally only that one sentence. So I email the representative asking what I need to do to fix this problem. She promptly replies that I my address is incorrect and I need to give them the correct one. So I check the package online and it does have the correct address on it but I re-enter it just to be safe.

I then get a letter in the mail saying my address is wrong. Yes they mailed me a letter when they thought my address was incorrect. This made me furious because all it proved was that USPS could get the job done no problem. I then have the package shipped to a fedex store near me.

I am set to pick the package up on new years eve. The store hours are 7am-11pm on this day. I also received a call that day stating that they had my package and that their hours are 7am-11pm. So I get off work at 7 30pm and arrive at the fedex store around 8pm.

There is a sign taped to the door saying they closed at 6pm for the new year.

I received a call from a human in that office that day saying they were open until 11pm. Let's just say I will never purchase anything ever again that will be shipped through fedex no matter how good the deal.

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Princeton, New Jersey, United States #767336

I feel your pain, brother. I just got done dealing with another Fedex F up.

Delivery finally came 6 days late. Had to call them to get them to do their job. I got the dreaded "delivery exception" for bad weather. Not a drop or snow on the ground.

Today we got 4 inches of snow and counting, yet they managed to deliver from the same location to my home. Hmmmmm...

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