*** *** ***. Double billed me, I immediately called the branch office who said to call the "finance" number.

Called the finance number who told me to call the branch office. Called brance office, reassured that the "Money would be back into my account in 72 hours". 4 days later, called manager said "Who told you that takes up to 3 weeks".

Called the finance number, they told me "Fax the receipt, and account showing double billing" will take up to 8 weeks to refund." How completely disorganized and customer unfriendly can a company be? I'll Never Never Again use Fedex.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Account.

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They burned me with double and triple billing and lied about the discounts I was supposed to get since I signed up through a promotion. Then they refused to refund the massive overcharges -- die, FedEx ***!


I, too, will never use Fed-Ex again. I spend over 20,000 a year in shipping but yet to get a refund or a decent easy to ready invoice from them is IMPOSSIBLE. This company is over billing and should be shut down!!

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