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My package was put to be deliveryed today but they cant tell me what time when i callthem, while i have a very important meeting to go to about my wedding, with the package i am waiting for, pissed off at fed ex. if i wait to pick it up i cant pick it up for three day, and i paid for 3 day shipping not six.

UPS is so much better, Thanks UPS *** FED EX. I call three times today to see where is my package and all they can say is that the driver got. I see the driver got it i was tracking it online and I see the driver picked it up at 6:10 this mourning and it is now 5.

All *** day waiting on fed ex, never will i use them again, ands i will have my network of friend stop useing fed ex for their business to. USP me please

Monetary Loss: $15002.

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I pity the person you are marrying. What service did you pay for?

Was the package shipped when promised by the company you sent money to? Does the package require a signature? Why did you not arrange for the package to be Held at Location?

If this package was so direly important- order it early OR be an intelligent consumer and know your options. Both Fedex and UPS have 800 numbers & online sites where you can learn something about their services.

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