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We ship commercially. We bundle together multiple boxes of the same size usually up to 15 lbs per muliti pack bundle.

We started out using shrink wrap to bundle them. We did this for over a year no problem. Then one day FedEx person at drop center refuses to take it citing shrink wrap edge could get caught on conveyor and bundle come undone. Okay so we tape any edges.

It works for another few months then they say no more shrink wrap period. Okay so we use strapping tape and do that for a year or more. Now we left packages at the ship center and half hour later I get a call to come pick up these packages they can't be bundled! WTF.

Same reason given that it could come apart. If their conveyor systems are chewing up packages that bad they need to replace them! Well the strapping tape is so strong regular scissors won't tear it. What ticks me off is they don't send out a notice/email to say hey stop doing this as of such and such a date.

They just all of the sudden say screw you, come pick up the packages. Well you know what, screw you FedEx because UPS allows 80 lbs of bundle boxes!! I cancelled my commercial account with FedEx. Plus we used FedEx freight before and pick up hours at our warehouse are til 3 PM.

The driver regularly comes at 4 or 5 (no one there) or one time came at 3:15 when we were walking out to our cars, had to go back in, open up, get the forklift out and spend 30 mins loading him. Never again.

FedEx is horrible. DHL & UPS is the way to go for business.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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