They KEEP delivering packages to my neighbor's who does not give them back! My DROP BOX Is at end of my drive, marked all over in RED, with my name in stickers (clear print) and phone number ON drop box.

I ALSO have a sign that has my address on it that has an arrow pointing to my house, easily visible! how stupid can you be to ignore all of that AND GPS? Talked witht Andrew "cust serv" Miami no help, sent me to "supervisor" Juan who sent me into que, then Hannah who said she could not hear from me, as I talked progressively louder she said she could not hear me, then I screamed and she said, "If you are going to scream at me I am going to hang up".None helped me. I called what I thought was the St.

Peter MO hub and talked with Cheyne and Steven who unfortunately got the brunt of my anger but do NOT work for Fedx but Kinko's.Steven the supervisor sent me to Fedx escallation inCaribbean nice person - did all the right stuff like the last 2 times, but is useless. HORRIBLE DO NOT USE!!!

User's recommendation: DO NOT USE FED X.

Location: Saint Jacob, Illinois

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