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So I bought a tv from a company and it started having problems with in the 1st 30 days. So that company sent me a box to ship the tv back.

So FedEx delivers the box and I ship it back to the tv company for repair. Get a email from tv company that my tv is coming back though FedEx. It's delivery date should have been today (Saturday August 12) at 11am we track the package and it says the address was wrong. So we call FedEx and got a answer that it was addressed to apartment G not apartment A where I live (FedEx lie #1) so I called the tv company and double checked the address and it was sent to my adress in apartment A.

So I call FedEx back to see if I could find out what happen and the lady says it's on the truck at 12pm Saturday august 12th and will be here by end of day (FedEx lie #2). So at 5 pm we call back to see what's happening and now they say my package is at there Neville island location and they are closed Sunday and Monday. I then question them about the original delivery and my wife was outside from 9am to after 12:30 pm and there was no FedEx on our street and if the driver really tried to deliver it why did he not leave a call tag to say he was here( FedEx lie #3) they say because it was a wrong address. We call them and ask them to hold the package at a FedEx facility so we could go pick it up and they say that can't be done because the facility is closed Sunday and monday.

Even though the original shipment with the empty box came to my apartment fine with the correct address so why now is it wrong. The sent it to the wrong address in the other side of town and wouldn't admit there mistake. I know this is what happen because in the last 4 years this same exact problem happen 4 other times. 2 times with new phones coming from Verizon and 2 times with computers coming from dell computer they put the delivery on a truck for Washington blvd not Washington road.

So why lie about it now. So now I have to take additional days off of work to make sure I'm home to sign for a package that may or may not show up on Tuesday's.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Home Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

I liked: Nightmare.

I didn't like: Customer service people lying 3 different times.

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