I am having a hard time getting a resolve to fedex losing a package that was insured and have not been helped processing the paperwork. I feel that they have lied, purposely lost paperwork, and each time I receive a letter of denial to pay I have satisfied the reason and they find a new reason not to pay.

In October 2008, I paid to ship a laptop computer to a former student and marked very clearly that I required a direct signature, I gave the amount the laptop was worth ($490.00) and marked this in the declared value. When the package was left on a porch in East LA California, It was never left with an individual let alone the person who was to sign for it. When I contacted fedex they stated that it had been signed for by an individual named p.orch. Fedex then determined it had been left on the porch.

The claims person then emailed me a form which could only be faxed back to a number. I followed through and faxed the claim form to the number listed (have receipts for all faxes) 3 to 4 weeks latter I called and checked to see where we were in the process. They claimed they had not received it. I then faxed it again and called, claimed they had not received it.

This went on about 10 to 11 times. They then asked me to fax it to another fax number and stated they had received it and would start to process it. 4 weeks latter I called and they stated that they had not received it. I then took it to the kinkos fedex where I had shipped it from and had them fax it and they were told they had received it.

4-5 weeks latter I called and was told that they had no record of a claim, I was a little mad at this point but talked with a lady in claims who asked me to fax it to her fax number and she would call me back when she received it. She did and I received a call 2-3 weeks latter that to much time had elapsed to file a claim. I stated the story to the investigator and stated that I had the receipts for all the faxes that I had sent, and records of the email and phone records. He then stated he would look into the issue.

He called and stated that they were reopening the claim and would have an answer for me in 3-4 weeks. I received a letter of denial 5 weeks latter stating that a signature was not required. I called and stated that I had the original receipt that was clearly marked direct signature required. I then faxed this to him and 5 weeks latter they denied the claim due to not having a sales receipt for the laptop.

I stated that there was a declared value at the time I shipped it and was not told that I needed a receipt for what I paid for the laptop. They stated they would investigate this and get back to me. I received another letter of denial due to no proof of value for laptop and refused to explain. I called the store in which I shipped this package to get a name of the registered agent so that I could serve them to go to small claims court and they have refused to give me this information.

I went to the store to get this information and they again refused and gave me the managers name.

I have no idea who to send this paperwork to and not for sure how to continue. This by no means is the way to conduct business here in Oregon.

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