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I have lived at the same address for 11 years. The postman, UPS, DHL and Santa can all find their way here.

But not FEDEX!! Even though we have ordered several things that were (mis)delivered by them, they are still having problems. It's amazing to me that I have looked over the internet for the last couple of days trying to see just how bad they are. Guess what...they are horrendous!

And they have been for many years. You would think the company that bills itself as the "leading logistics service company" would finally get all the kinks out and things would flow. But nope! They just keep on doing the same old lousy job they have always been doing.

I suppose they think that since they have more happy folks than angry ones, they are just fine. Bull! I say. How does this company even find it's own parking lot.

3 weeks from Georgia to Alabama. Return to sender, can't find the address. SmartPost is a joke! How can they claim to be efficient when it takes so much gas to travel around the country trying to find what's been right here the whole time.

I may be 1 little bitty person, but I REFUSE to order from any company that uses FedEx ever again. I can't blame the companies themselves. But maybe, just maybe, if enough of us do the same thing, the shippers will finally get it and demand better service or find a new way.

Maybe the Easter Bunny is looking to expand. Oh yeah, he can find us too.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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