I have had to wait at home for 3 days waiting for a shipment from Fedex, because they can't seem to deliver when there is only 1 inch of snow on the ground (literally). And the one day I'm not here for the delivery, because their online system says it won't be delivered til Tuesday, they show up and leave a door tag.

I missed the delivery guy by 6 minutes and called FEDEX to call the delivery guy and have him come back. FEDEX didn't care at all! I'll never use FEDEX again.

I called Customer Service to complain, and the Customer Service Operations Manager in Anahiem (Rosalynd)told me to get over it. She didn't even try and call the driver.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Customer Care.

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Edmonton, Alberta, Canada #606207

Soooo....you didn't get your *** then?

to Fedexguy #606208

also you do realize you aren't the ONLY customer that driver had to go deliver too... right?

Get a life.

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