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Tim was flying through a small parking lot, did not see my 6 year old niece or I and almost back up into us if we had not moved... I asked him, excuse me did you not saw us and he said, not until after, but I never received an apology...

Tim was very nasty, I asked for supervisor number where Tim told me he would call himself and I told him, Go on ahead... Along with his rudeness then he told me he hopes I'm happy with myself... I said I was glad he did not hit us and to have a nice day... I wouldn't ever be complaining if he wasn't so mean...

Dr. Farley office in Redding, CA witnessed all this as well....

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Romulus, Michigan, United States #858109

I agree with the writer. I'm sure they have deadlines on there deliveries that cause them to speed wherever they can.

I live down a road that is 35mph and I see them fly by at 50mph or more. I think ultimately this falls on fedex for giving their employees too much to deliver in a small amount of time.

Never, ever should a employee be that rude especially when it's his fault.

You don't speed through a parking lot. Pedestrians have the right of way in this case.

Baltimore, Maryland, United States #829502

Somebody call this *** a waamulance


It is up to pedestrians to look out for traffic, not necessarily the other way around.


He's not driving a car. Next time, stay the hêll out of blind spots of large vehicles.

You're probably also one of those people who ride along side a semi and then cries when it cuts you off while making a lane change. Get some common sense before Darwin makes a claim on you.

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