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Received as item from a company that was defective, after emailing and talking to them on the phone, I was told to return the item as it was intended as a birthday gift.

No problem there, somehow another one was send to me via Fedex (the same method used for shipping the first time around), was told to refuse the package and request a pickup and I can just leave the package by the front door per Fedex's instruction.

So I called Fedex on Friday to schedule a pickup, was told it will be pick up following Monday, I asked about pickup #, and told I don't need one as I am simply refusing the package. So I wrote "refuse delivery" on the package right next to the bar code/address label with big magic marker.

Monday, nothing happened, so I called Fedex, and was told it will be picked up Tuesday. And of course, didn't happened Tuesday, so I called that evening and was told again it will be done Wednesday, this time I was given a confirmation #. I asked why I wasn't given one first time I called, the answer: "I don't know!"

OK, Wednesday came, it was finally picked up and I was happy as a clown as I called the company which send the item and they told me to return it within 7 days.

Well, guess what, today is Thursday, and the same package show up on my front door with a label "Fedex Relabel" new bar code as well!!!

Apparently some Fedex folks can only read the printed text on their own labels, but cannot recognizes hand written instruction written with a big magic marker, even though is right next to their address label.

So I called Fedex for the 5th time, and was told to do the same drill, new confirmation #. I went ahead and cross out my address on Fedex's label to make sure it won't get re-re-delivered again. And was told it won't get back to the sender until next Wednesday or so. Oh well, only 5 days late, all I have to do and call the company and explain what happened.

When I ask what happened, and the answer, you guessed it: "I don't know!"

I sincerely hope I won't see that package again and will never, never use Fedex to ship anything in the future.

Monetary Loss: $75.

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Columbia, Connecticut, United States #1350842

i feel for eveyone whose package gets stuck in fedexs smartpost i being one of them you have to have nerves of steel to put up with the nonsense how is it possible that one's package gets to your county from an online company thats lets say 50 miles away in two days but when it gets to smartpost it takes 5-6 days for delivery fedup with fedex

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