I ordered Super Bowl material from Fanatics Group that handle material for professional sports teams. They use a shipment method called Smartpost that means FedEx picks up an item ships it around the country for several days then it sits in Atlanta waiting for the Post Office to pick it up and deliver it.

Of course FedEx blames it on the shipper Fanatics Group who are also hearing from me and are just as guilty in this situation. The fact that FedEx sits on the package for several days is totally there doing, not Fanatics. Fanatics is guilty of continuing to use such a poor service and not using America's service the US Postal Service. FedEx pickup my items on Monday 1-27-2014 and on Friday 1-31-2014 the packages are still waiting with delivery late next week.

Two lessons 1.

Do not use FedEx for time sensitive deliveries and do not buy from any online professional team site as they are all Fanatics group companies. I will never buy from that company again for sure.

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