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Package was delivered to FedEx in Troutdale Oregon Tuesday 4/20 and scheduled for delivery on Wednesday April 21st. I stayed around home waiting for the package to arrive knowing that it might be late in the day because of where I live, however sometimes i get around noon deliveries.

no package delivered. no attempt was made was what the fedex update said when I went to track my package, update, package was placed again on a truck/van for Thursday delivery. again didn't go anywhere because I figured that I would get an early in the day delivery due to it not showing up the previous day, WRONG. again nothing, so update.

scheduled for Friday delivery loaded on a truck for Friday delivery. GUESS WHAT.asshats. no show no attempt no nothing. now I have to wait until Monday for the package to be delivered.

Its a Tonneau cover for the truck so I guess I could have saved myselt a *** tone of money and just went to Harbor freight and bought a Tarp to cover my *** up. FedEx- more like FEDUP.what a joke.

User's recommendation: Switch to UPS.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Location: Mesquite, Nevada

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