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I was expecting a 2-day delivery item that was being shipped from FedEx. On the second day, the tracking showed that it had been delivered, however I was home ALL day and not even a squirrel came by my house.

But I was patient and I waited until the next day. Nothing. So I contacted FedEx to see if the delivery guy did indeed stop by my house. The representative said he would open a case and look into it.

That same night I received a call from a different representative asking me the same questions the first rep asked. I already knew at that point that I was dealing with incompetent fools. I DID NOT get my package, I don't know what was so confusing about that. Anyways, the next day a third rep called and said FedEx Ground was not open on the weekends so too bad so sad I would have to wait until Monday.

I wouldn't have cared except I needed my item (College Textbook) on Monday! But still, I was so kind. I said it was fine and waited until Monday. On Monday morning a different rep called and said she spoke to the driver and he said he left it in front of the door at a blue house.

Yeah, I don't live at a blue house. At this point my address had been verified at least 10 times now so either the driver was blind or simply didn't know his numbers and alphabet. The rep advised me that the driver will come out and retrace his steps and retrieve the package from the wrong house and bring it to me. I really thought my nightmare was over.

Well, around 6pm I called FedEx again because no one had come out the entire day. I was transferred to a different rep who basically informed me, and I quote, "We've asked the driver to come back out and he hasn't responded so he probably went home. Even if we get a hold of him, he probably won't remember exactly where he dropped off your package. There is nothing we can do for you at this moment." They just didn't give a ***.

They didn't care where my package ended up. I did contact the shipper and was able to get a replacement for my book but there's a reason people pay for expedited shipping and there's a reason people track their orders.

We don't do it because we're bored, it's because we in fact want our items...and we want them on time! I pray that I never have to use or deal with FedEx and their poor customer service/incompetent drivers/whatever you want to call it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Customer Care.

Reason of review: All of the Above!.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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