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stopped driver on return leg and ask amount of time on route he stated 4 years . informed of need to use much slower speed , driveway not part of freeway.

driveway not designed for heavy duty truck bouncing and banging due to excess speed . he did not want to discuss the issue, except to argue about who owned driveway, that i am part owner of 4 landowners served, he stated we are through here, slammed his door and sped off jumping the curb elevation change onto street causing truck to bounce and rock , i could hear the packages falling , banging inside .

totally unacceptable response to simple request to stop tearing up concrete due to excessive speed we can request all shippers use alternative delivery service if needed and i can request police set and catch him speeding down our regular street. this falls under no customer service heading, your loss , one less truck no problem here

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Vehicle Driver.

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