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I got two parcels delivered from Europe lastly. Parcels were delivered to the door, and about two weeks later I got invoices for customs and some brokerage service (!). At least I was expecting the custom duties, but brokerage service? Really? What is that at all?

Even about custom duties - which are understandable - I really don't appreciate how Fedex does it. I order from Europe regularly, most of stuff comes with USPS. With USPS I was charged custom duties only once, and USPS person handled me the invoice right at the door - together with the parcel. So, I was able to see right away what I'm facing.

Fedex brings you the parcel, you take it not even suspecting (if you didn't deal with them before) that you are going to be charged later, and even can not imagine what amount you are going to be charged. Basically you can't refuse the parcel at the door.

We had a problem with FedEx before, when our $900 computer was delivered three houses away from us. Luckily we live in a nice safe neighborhood, and we were able to settle it down in between the driver and our neighbors later.

After I got those two invoices lastly, I just figured I try to make sure I never choose Fedex delivery, or I never buy from companies who uses Fedex for the delivery. Too hard to deal with them.

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